Advice & support to grow your business.

We’re an advisory-first accounting practice that gives business owners like you actionable, tailored support to help you achieve your goals.

Our services.


Business advisory

Practical tools and insights to support strategic decisions and optimise your business.

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Spend your valuable time growing your business not the admin behind the numbers.

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Don’t pay more than you need to with our proactive tax planning and structuring advice.

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We do accounting…

But better.

We’re an advisory first accounting practice which means that we focus on value-ad, practical and timely advice to help you grow your business, manage cashflow and achieve your goals. Tax returns? No problem. But we don’t just file it… with us, you’ll get a strategy for success that goes far beyond the filing process with actionable guidance and advice so you act on it!


The Old Way

Focussed on tax returns and outdated financial statements.

Always looking back not forward.

Impersonal, adhoc advice from someone who doesn’t know your business.

You have to pay for it but it doesn’t add value.


The Day One Advisory Way

Practical, actionable advice to move your business forward.

Easy to understand financial reports and dashboards.

Strategic tax advice to minimise tax in the best structure.

Support from advisors who know you and your business.

What our clients are saying.

It’s not often that you come across an accountant that is willing to take the time to understand your business and it’s operations and uses that to provide real guidance and support whether it be compliance related work or ad-hoc services. Matt @ Day One Advisory has a tremendous amount of knowledge valuable to any small or large business and I can not recommend this business more!

Nik – Real Property Photography

Working with Matt at Day One Advisory has been amazing. He takes the time to listen and understand our business before working with us on a strategic plan to reach our goals. His advice and guidance has helped us shift our mindset significantly, giving us the tools, information and confidence to take our business in the right direction. We are already seeing so many benefits, especially in regard to growing the business and working smarter as business owners, not harder. I can’t wait to see where we will go in the future with Day One Advisory by our side!

Stu – Final Focus Videography

Thanks to Matt and the team at Day One Advisory for a smooth transition from Quickbooks to Xero and for simplifying the accounting processes for my complex online business. Matt took care of the basics so I could get a more strategic view of my business and I am so impressed by the proactive support and advice given. Looking forward to what the future holds with support from Day One Advisory.

Katy – Untold Italy

Working with Matt at Day One Advisory has been a positive change to my business. I highly recommend this firm if you want accountants who care.

Jacob – Strauss Capital

Who we work with.


We work with startups or established businesses who are looking to grow and take their business to the next level.


Stay on top of your key metrics and build the systems you need to run a profitable online business with support from accountants who understand the rapidly changing ecommerce landscape. Get tailored advice on financial margins, international sales and complex GST matters. 

Building & Construction

No matter your trade, we have the tools to help you easily and effectively calculate job profitability, manage cash flow, reduce tax, and improve efficiency so you can stay on the tools and not the computer.


Medical & Allied Health

We’ll help you structure your affairs so you’re not paying more tax than you need to and we’ll take care of the accounting, bookkeeping and compliance so you can do what you’re good at.

Professional Services

Whatever your speciality, we’ll help you meet your everyday accounting needs to achieve a lasting commercial success and put you in control of your business. We offer personalised solutions that suit your immediate priorities and adapt to your changing needs.


Meet our founder.

G’day, it’s Matt here, head honcho at Day One Advisory.

I founded Day One Advisory with the goal of creating an accounting practice that was focused on helping business owners like you achieve your most important goals.

That could be anything from reducing time in the business so you can spend more time at home, creating cost efficiencies to increase profit, growing your business or exit and succession planning.

Regardless of what outcomes you want to achieve, we want to provide the financial insights, practical guidance and trusted advice to help you get there.

From the blog.

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Proud sponsors of.

Mums Supporting Families in Need’s (MSFIN) mission is to provide good quality recycled and new goods to families in need, to ensure every child has access to their basic daily needs.   

They operate from Seaford (Matt’s home turf) helping families in the surrounding area. We’re proud to sponsor a charity making a real difference in our local community.

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